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    Taste of India
    Lexington, KY-40503
    High quality fresh ingredients | Excellent service and Friendly staff.
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    Taste of India
    Lexington, KY-40503
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We offers delicious dining, takeout and delivery.

Taste of India |  Lexington, KY-40503

Taste of India | Lexington, KY

Taste of India restaurant was started in 1995 with a simple idea - to provide a unique dining experience that will bring back memories of far away lands.

The cuisine is an artful blend of exotic ingredients that finds its influence from India . which includes the eclectic flavors from all regions of the india.

A special tandoor (traditional Indian oven made out of clay) lends the exotic scent and taste to each of our dishes such as tandoori chicken, naan, seekh kabobs, and chicken tikka. Mouth watering curry dishes and wide-ranging selection of vegetarian dishes make our foods unrivaled to any other restaurants.

All dishes are prepared fully flavored with raw spices and the original sauces to give an unforgettable feast to your senses. Our chefs are trained to prepare the food from scratch so that every order is made fresh and has its own distinct taste. This is a hallmark of our restaurant.

Come and enjoy these distinctive flavors from the east, and experience one of the most exhilarating cultures in the world. And one more thing we dont have any other branch.

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